Business Incentives

Take advantage of significant tax credits and local incentives.

Federal Incentives

For an investment held for 10 years within the zone. Investments include those made for operating businesses, equipment, and real property (both real estate or infrastructure).*

For investments within the zone, when compared to an alternative investment with an 8% annualized return.*

*Source: Economic Innovation Group |

State Incentives

Cash payments per net new job created and maintained for one year. Up to $6,500 from the Strategic Fund.

Exemption from State sales & use tax on purchases of manufacturing machinery, machine tools & parts.

$1,650 per full-time employee: For companies that are relocating or expanding in Colorado & provide funds only to net new hires.

Provides state income tax credit to businesses involved in job creation projects.

Regional and Rural Incentives

$1,100/Job: Additional credit per new job located in Montrose County’s Rural Enterprise Zone.

$1,000/Covered Employee: Eligible for the first 2 years a business is in operation for each employee insured under a qualified employer-sponsored health insurance program.

12% of Eligible Training Costs: Employers who carry out a qualified job training program for their enterprise zone employees.

3% of Equipment Purchases Cost: Excess credits may be carried back 3 years & forward 12 years.

1.5% of Qualifying Vehicle Purchases


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